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Exclusive Partner Level Black Note Coupon Offers

15% Off Storewide

Save 15% off any purchase with our current partner-level Black Note coupon offer.

Free Shipping

In smaller Black Note purchases, a free shipping offer is more valuable than a flat-rate discount.

Top Black Note coupon offers for June

Offer Details15% off store wide with free shipping.
Expiration DateOffer valid through 6/31/2020.
Promo TermsOnly one coupon valid per purchase. Can not be combined with other offers.

Terms and Details for Our June Black Note Promo Code Offers

Our current partner-level promotions for Black Note this June include a 15% off sitewide coupon. While this discount may not be quite what you get at a site like MyFreedomSmokes, it does also come with free international shipping.

This is important because the Black Note starter pack is only $19.99. While a 15% discount only saves you $3 on your purchase, the free shipping saves you another $5 and brings your total discount to $8 off a $25 purchase. That is over 30% in savings.

While many of our readers may be quick to point out that shipping is often free, that is not the case when it comes to vapor products. We have operated in this space for over five years and can verify that nearly every company charges for shipping.

This is quite honestly because many of the products drop-ship from the same warehouse. Shipping rates are determined by the manufacturer/distributor and not the actual company you are buying from. The free shipping promo code offer from Black Note is a rare find in the vapor industry.

how to use a black note coupon

How to Use a Black Note Coupon

As is the case for nearly every modern e-commerce store, using the Black Note website is extremely user-friendly. You can shop their entire catalog, apply one of our coupons, and complete your checkout in as little as 5 clicks.

Start by adding the products you want to try to your cart. Having trouble deciding? Check out their starter pack, which is available for a limited time in early 2020.

Next, copy the coupon from above that will maximize your savings for your specific purchase. We recommend trying several different coupons to ensure you are getting the best offer possible.

Keep in mind that you will get free international shipping with any order that you complete using one of our links.

Once you have your coupon, simply paste it into the promo code box and click apply as shown in the graphic above. Your discount will appear immediately and you are ready to complete the purchase.

If for some reason you find a discount code that is expired or no longer works, send us an email and we will work with BlackNote to get an updated coupon available immediately.

Exclusive discount on black note sampler pack available to Vape speak readers only

Black Note FAQs: Submitted by Our Readers and Listeners

Below are a handful of questions that we have received through both the website and the podcast. Black Note is a very niche company, specializing in high-quality e-liquids that you can’t buy anywhere else. The fact that Black Note is not a mainstream brand means users inevitably have questions about their products.

Here are some answers to those questions:

What makes BlackNote’s E-Liquids so Special?

While the juice flavors from Black Note are out of this world good, we think it is the process that truly makes them special. Rather than explain it here, we recommend you go directly to the source and read up on how Black Note makes their different flavors.

Why are the flavors so expensive?

The fact that a 30ml bottle costs $22 catches people off guard at first, but we would argue that the cost is actually on par with the top flavors in the industry. Keep in mind Black Note includes free shipping and offers a 15% discount.

When compared to companies that don’t, for example, with Cuttwood Unicorn Milk you will pay $17.99 then an additional $5 for shipping and in the end, pay more than the $19 that a Black Note flavor costs.

How fast is Black Note shipping?

Not only does Black Note ship for free, but they ship fast. The two examples we can provide: 3-5 days from order to delivery to both Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL.

How do I know I’m getting the largest possible discount?

Not only do we work directly with Black Note to ensure that our partner-level offer is the best discount available, but we verify that fact every month.

The last verification came on June 18th, and we will check again in early June. We always guarantee that our visitors save the max money when shopping with any of our coupon offers.

Our review of current black note promotions

Our Review of Black Note Coupons

While we love BlackNote, their products, and think their current promotions are more than adequate, they just don't hold up when compared directly to the top players in the industry. While our current partner-level coupon will save you 15% off storewide, the same offer from brands like Vaporfi and Direct Vapor will save you 30% off anything in their store. That being said, Black Note is a premium product and therefore warrants not only a premium price but premium promotions. Translation: we are huge fans of the product and will happily take whatever discount they want to give us!

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