top myfreedomsmokes coupons for 2020

Top MyFreedomSmokes Coupon Offers for 2020

25% Off Storewide

Save 25% off any MyFreedomSmokes purchase this June. This coupon will work on all mods and devices!

40% Off E-Liquids

Save 40% off your purchase of MyFreedomSmokes eJuices this June with this exclusive coupon offer.

latest myfreedomsmokes coupon offers for 2020

Offer Details25% off store wide.
Expiration DateOffer valid through 8/31/2020.
Promo TermsOnly one coupon valid per purchase. Can not be combined with other offers.

MyFreedomSmokes Coupon Details

Our MyFreedomSmokes coupons are quite straight-forward. We have a flat-rate discount on everything in the store and are able to offer a larger discount specifically on their e-juices and liquids.

There are a few terms attached to these coupons that are worth pointing out prior to using one:

  • MyFreedomSmokes coupons can not be combined. There is a limit of one coupon per order.
  • All MFS discounts have an expiration date and can not be used beyond that date.
  • While coupons can not be combined, if you meet the spending threshold to trigger free shipping, you can combine your coupon with their free shipping promotion.

Beyond those terms, an MFS coupon will work just like any promotion you have used online in the past. Simply copy, paste, save and repeat.

We always keep our top offer from My Freedom Smokes at the top of this page and will list any additional active discounts below it.

In addition to the current two promotions, MFS typically offers a free shipping promo that kicks in at a certain amount spent, and will always have discounted items in the clearance section of their website.

how to use our myfreedomsmokes coupons

How to Use Our MyFreedomSmokes Coupons

As you browse through the various coupon directories on our website, a name that will pop up a lot is Shopify. Many, if not most, of the top e-cig and vapor companies, built their websites using the Shopify platform.

One of the benefits to the companies that use Shopify is that it already has a coupon system integrated with the software. What this means for the user is a very similar shopping experience regardless of what store they are shopping on.

When you click on your cart or the cart icon at the top of the MyFreedomSmokes website, you will be redirected to your shopping cart and the start of the checkout process.

You can apply your coupon code right in the shopping cart. Simply review the items in your cart, and directly below the cart details is a box labeled ‘Apply Discount Code’.

Paste our MyFreedomSmokes coupon into this box, and click the ‘Apply Discount’ button. You should be able to immediately verify your savings as a line item in your cart and are ready to finish checking out.

We can not stress enough that you should review the risks associated with vaping prior to using this MyFreedomSmokes coupon.

huge savings on popular vapor brands and products

Why Shop at MyFreedomSmokes?

With so many options in the market today, why do we choose to shop at MyFreedomSmokes? There are several things we look for when assessing vapor shops in the market in 2020.

The first consideration is the classic relationship between product and price. Do they have the latest products from all of the top brands in the industry? If so, how do the prices of those products compare to other companies in the industry?

As you can begin to see in the graphic above, MyFreedomSmokes carries all of the top brands in the industry. This includes names like Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Joyetech, Kangertech, Smok, and Vaporesso.

Moreover, as one of the largest companies in the industry, MyFreedomSmokes has access to the latest and greatest products from each of these brands. For example, Vaporesso’s latest innovation, the PM80, was available at MFS the day it was released, and they had enough stock that they never sold out despite the demand.

Where do our MyFreedomSmokes coupons and promo codes factor into this equation? What tends to happen with the pricing of vapor products, because for the most part buyers can shop the same product at nearly every online store, different shops will offer extremely similar (if not identical) prices.

This means the best place to buy your vaping supplies is determined by which company offers the largest coupon discount. We are currently developing a tool that will allow our users to compare the post-discount price of the industry’s top products to determine the best place to buy anything vapor related.

current myfreedomsmokes coupon offer

How Do the Current Coupons Compare to Competitors?

So how do the MyFreedomSmokes discounts listed on this page compare to those offered by their competitors? We created the review system below to give you a direct comparison between the competing company’s discounts.

A perfect five-star score would indicate that the company has the industry’s absolute best promotional offers. Not only is a perfect score extremely rare, but it is extremely seasonal. As with most online shopping, vapor products can be bought at the biggest discount between Thanksgiving and New Years.

At the moment, MFS’s 4.7 rating puts them in extremely elite company, offering year-round discounts that rival those seen around Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Our Review of Current MyFreedomSmokes Coupons

As of early May 2020, is home to some of the industry's best products and lowest prices. These prices are even more impressive when you consider their average coupon will save you an additional 25%. Our score of 4.7 out of 5 makes them a top 3 company in the vapor industry and ensures that you will generally get the best possible deal when you shop at MFS.

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