Vape Speak Podcast

vape speak podcast

Episode 1 – Best New Vapes and Devices of 2020

In the first ever Vape Speak podcast we discuss the best new devices of 2020. This episode breaks the industry’s top products down by category and gives the listener an idea of why we chose each winner.

About the Vape Speak Podcast

While the Vape Speak team has been heavily involved in the vapor industry for over a half-decade, we only recently decided to put that knowledge to work in a podcast.

Our first handful of episodes are already in the books, and we will release them over the next month or so. Once all of these initial podcasts are out, we will jump into a set of user/listener requested shows.

Please contact us if you have any requests for upcoming shows. A team member will let you know if your topic is selected.

We do want to mention that if you would like us to review or discuss your company/product, we are happy to do so, but it will be an honest take on the product. Paid advertising is available, but will be labeled as such.