About Us

about us - vape speak

While this iteration of our website is new, Vape Speak has been involved in the vaping industry for over 5 years. We reviewed our first product back in 2014, and have written thousands of articles since that date.

We have covered this industry at its highest and lowest points, have written reviews for the best and worst products, and approach every day as an opportunity to better inform our readers and make them better consumers.

About the Current Vape Speak Website

At one point we had nearly 2,000 articles on vapespeak.com! While that wealth of content was useful in a number of ways, it distracted from our real goal: help our readers and listeners find the absolute best vaping product at the absolute best price.

We knew that if we had trouble navigating the wealth of information on our website, that our readers would certainly struggle to do so as well. With that in mind we reorganized Vape Speak into two categories: coupons and reviews.

The issue with individual reviews is that they don’t actually share the best product with our reader. While we can write ‘product a is great, but product b is better and even cheaper’ not everyone is going to read that line and get the underlying message. With that in mind our reviews now focus on simply ranking the best of the best. The best vapes, the best vape pens, the best mods, the best juices… Here are our favorites, take it for what it’s worth.

We think our readers will enjoy this new format and it allows us to focus on quality over quantity… something that we strived to do from the moment we reworked the website.

About the Current Vape Speak Podcast

The Vape Speak podcast gives us a medium to discuss our current rankings, whether or not new products are going to make our lists, what we are currently enjoying, as well as news and legislation from around the industry.

The podcast schedule is quite simple right now: we will release a new show on the 1st and 15th of every month. In between those dates we will test new products, refresh our content, then discuss those changes on the next show.

While we do have a format for the show, we are always taking suggestions. If you have a top you would like discussed, or a specific product you would like reviewed, we want to know! Contact us directly and we will do our best to work it into an upcoming show.